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MBir Programmer

ECU Repairs
Price in points: 39500 points



Full set  consists of:

  • main unit
  • adapter board for NEC key processors
  • adapter board for IR communication
  • 2 PCB’s for NEC mounting, soldering type


There are no any USB cables included in set, you must find them by yourself (USB mini type B). ZIF socket is not included in set, but available separately for 100 eur.

Supported keys: all known MOTOROLA based versions, all NEC except keyless ones. We understand that it is very popular nowadays  to ask for keyless support, but in reality there are no keys with keyless option available at the 2nd hand market at all. In case if you have 2 ones with the same firmware inside, you can send them to us and most likely we will add them in special release for you.

  • LOAD data from dump is for compatibility purpose only. It takes only initial hash, password and keyID from “dump”. So it is enough to fill three DATA for write text boxes to make a valid key.
  •  It is possible to switch between 15EB, 14EC and GRAY key modes. There are different key prepare methods used here. To write 14EC key must be in any invalid state or blank, to write 15EB key must be in 21DF state (valid for IR write). Before performing any key prepare related job, we recommend to write down REMARK first - it contains some important key operation data what can be lost when trying to prepare key for writing. If there are no any special demands, we recommend to use 15EB mode, it is more safe.
  •  Key must be activated with correct password, otherwise there will be no success.
  •  Button GET simulates one authorization with EZS, if password in text box is correct, you will get current hash.
  •  LED turns on led located on key for about 5 seconds. Good for testing purposes.
  •  To prepare GRAY key same rules and principles are applicable as for preparing service key, except it’s functionality after conversation - it is built based on DATA for write text boxes. So it is practically possible to make gray key with hash set what not includes key data at all. To verify this occasion, there is button Verify here. It allows to verify if the selected key initial hash is located on track or not.

Recommendation: always wait for key to finish tasks (this appears on info screen) if you wish to use it on car. But it is always possible to interrupt this process by pressing ESC button in case if key got stuck (usually damaged key or written incorrectly by 3-rd party device programmers).

Frequently asked questions:

   14EC and 15EB, what’s the difference: for car user there is no difference at all, 14EC is SERIES part, 15EB is SPARE part, nothing more. Functionality is the same.

  What is GRAY key and what it is designed for: it is used in factory to personalize EZS. It contains all key final hashes, password and key set data. After successful EZS personalization it converts itself to standard working key. To personalize EZS in such way EZS must be SERIES and NOT activated, activation must be initiated through diagnostic tool.

MB ESL unlock tool

 Tool for ESL unlocking (old type ESL). You need K-line adapter to work with this software, we believe that you already have one at your workshop.

 It is possible to enter hash for opening and erasing manually or it is possible to calculate it (it takes some time, depends on how lucky you are). Hash for open: about 15 minutes, hash for erasing: up to 2 hours average. Use faster PC if possible!

 To get necessary hashes first read ESL. After that you can disconnect it until hash is ready.

 Process you can interrupt by pressing ESC button. If hash isn’t found, press button GET again.

  Like in previous software we operate here with GREEN key file for writing ESL data. It is because really it isn’t possible to read/write entire dump via K-line, only data blocks (hash list) is available for read/ write operations..  

MBir: MBir software

what’s new:

  • allows to make 2nd and 3rd key on track, not only first (tracks are numbered from 0 up to 7, on each track there can be 3 keys (0,1,2). If key 0 on selected key track runs out of life, it can be replaced with key 1 and so on.
  • added BE key support - write and “reset” to 21DF is now possible.
  • improved GRAY key reading and writing


  • BE key can work only as a first key (number 0) on track.
  • if you are looking for direct BE key EEPROM reading and writing, you must purchase additional software module. Below are shown extra modules
  • according to practice always check if BE key is working properly, compare hash it send out with generated hash list. You can generate it with MBhash software. In
  • not working radio on BE is not a problem of key writer. It’s a bug of key itself.    


MBir additional software:

note: available only with update1 !


  • completely rebuilt software for service key (green, orange, blue) reading and writing. For experts.

Price: 300 usd. If you already had this option before, it is free with update1 . Don’t forget this when requesting update!


  • BE key EEPROM reader / writer. For enthusiasts.

Price: 250 usd.

important note:

if BE KEY reading and writing is not stable, it means KEY firmware must be reprogrammed to work correctly. Even if it is possible to read / write it with 3rd party tools, that means nothing - key will cause a lot of problems in pair with real EIS.  



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